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Raina Desisted IPL Due To Hotel Dispute

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IPL 2020: The 13th season of the Indian Premier League is to be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 19 September. All 8 teams have arrived. For 6 days the teams were to spend in Quarantine, the Chennai Super Kings veteran Suresh Raina withdrew from the tournament for personal reasons and returned to India. The team owner and former BCCI president N. A major statement by Srinivasan (N. Srinivasan) has come out. He said that sometimes success starts to speak.

Srinivasan said that since Suresh Raina reached Dubai, he kept complaining about different things. He did not like the hotel room. Raina said that the way Mahendra Singh has been given to Dhoni, he should also. According to Outlook, Raina has left her tour due to Corona’s fear. Raina also had a dispute with captain Dhoni. It is said in media reports that Dhoni tried to convince Suresh Raina a lot, but Raina did not agree. Srinivasan told Outlook in an interview that everyone is surprised by Raina’s departure like this, but captain Dhoni has said that the situation is under control.

Nivasan further said that the cricketers are like the temperamental actors of the old days. Chennai is like a Super Kings family and all the senior players have learned to live together. He said that Team Raina has recovered from the episode. I cannot stress anyone.Nivasan said that I am sure Suresh Raina will return. Suresh Raina has left the tournament, he will discern that he has left his salary of 11 crore rupees. If they behave not play, they will not get a salary.

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