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Real Estate is The Preferred Investment Of 35 Per Cent People: Report

Real estate and gold have emerged as the most preferred investment medium for investors in India. In this time of crisis, investors are expressing their trust in both these investment instruments. Even though there is a slowdown in the real estate sector, it remains the most preferred investment of investors.Real estate is the favourite investment of 35 per cent people.

According to the survey by and Naredco, 35 per cent of people still prefer the real estate sector for investment. Gold is the second choice of investors. 28 per cent of people want to invest money in it. 22 per cent of people want to invest in FD and 16 per cent in stocks. In the survey, 59 per cent believed that the economic conditions will improve in the next six months or will remain at the current level. At the same time, 53 per cent of people are confident that income will start increasing again in the next six months.

According to the survey, 50 per cent of the land buyers are currently staying on the rent due to the crisis of lockdown and coronavirus infection. They feel that the price of houses is still high. Therefore, we are not going to buy houses at the moment. But if the situation improves, he may consider buying a flat. The survey has said that there is a lot of upheaval in the stock market. In such a situation, investors can turn to real estate and gold. Due to the second round of corona infection, tReal estate here is a danger of slowing down the economic activities that are starting in many countries of the world.

In such a situation, the trend of investors towards gold and silver is increasing. In the international market, their prices are going up in recent times. Due to this, the price of gold has increased in India but the trend of investors towards it remains positive. Investment in gold has also increased due to ups and downs in the stock market.

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