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Red Alert in Mumbai

Torrential rains have once again wreaked plunder in Mumbai. Due to the rain of 10 hours, all areas were flooded. Rail service came to a standstill, highways were closed, roads were submerged and water entered houses for several feet. Heavy rains continue in Mumbai and surrounding areas of Maharashtra and the Meteorological Department has issued a red alert in view of this.

After the rains on Tuesday, many houses of the Tata Mill in Lower Parel area of Mumbai were flooded with up to two feet. Matunga received water up to the knees on roads and pavements. People were stranded for hours due to heavy water-logging at Panvel, Bhandup and Prabhadevi railway stations.

During the torrential rains in Mumbai’s Kandivali, the western highway was closed due to heavy landslides. Suddenly big rocks fell on the road. These rocks were so big that if someone was caught by them, it could be very big. However, buses and cars passing through the highway survived during the landslide.

The Maharashtra government declared a holiday at its offices in Mumbai and suburban areas due to rain. Two fishermen have gone missing while 11 people have been rescued due to the sinking of the boat in the sea about 12 km off the Gorai coast of North Mumbai.

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