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Relief to workers of the IT Company.

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The government has elected to relax the workers of IT companies from working conditions from home. Now companies will not need to get consent from the government to work from home. Also, companies will not have to pay security collaterals.

Significantly, due to the Coronavirus, there has been a clamour in the whole world. In view of this scourge, the Indian government has announced a lockdown in the country till 3 May. Due to this, workers of most companies are working from home. In such circumstances, the cycle of many people has changed. There is a lot of change in daily functioning. The marathon agreements that workers used to have now turned into video calls.

On the way homework has increased due to the Coronavirus, experts say that the trend of working from home is expected to increase in future. That is, many companies can increase their focus on work from home for their employees. In view of this, the government will also need to change the rules and regulations.

Keeping these requirements in mind, the government has decompressed the controls. Now it will not be required to give these companies the agreement to the government. There will be no need to get government approval to work from home. Groups will only have to inform the administration. For this, companies will be able to use a dynamic IP address. However, companies will have to inform the administration about the employee’s place.

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