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Request To Drop The Left Papers Of 12th Board.

Some parents had filed a petition against the remaining CBSE Class 12 exams to be held between July 1 and 15. On this, the Supreme Court has asked the CBSE to respond to the Board on the apprehension that the examination will have on the health of students during the Corona crisis. Now the Supreme Court will hear the next trial in this case on June 24.

Let us know that the CBSE Board had recently decided that the board will conduct its remaining exam on July 15. Some parents filed a petition in the Supreme Court on June 10 against this decision of the CBSE board, demanding a stay on the exam.Parents have mentioned in their petition especially the growing danger from the infection of coronavirus. Parents argue that according to AIIMS data, the coronavirus will be at its peak in India in the coming time. In such a situation, conducting examinations can be challenging for the health of children.

Therefore, parents have demanded that these exams should be cancelled. They say that today the number of infected in India has reached above 3 lakhs, in such a situation, conducting examinations can prove to be a very risky step. Parents are now demanding to declare the result through internal assessment.

The board had also clarified that the examinations will be for only 29 main subjects in class 12. Please tell that this year the examinations had to be stopped twice. Due to the incident of violence in North-East Delhi, there were few exams of Tenth. After this, examinations had to be stopped due to Coronavirus in the country.Now the CBSE board has released the schedule for these exams to be held between July 1 and 15. According to this, there will be some such exams in North-East Delhi.

Explain that due to the lockdown, the CBSE board had stopped the examinations released in March itself. After this, CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi had announced before the second lockdown that the exams of the tenth board will not be conducted, these examinations will be held only in North East Delhi. But out of the remaining examinations of the 12th board, 29 main subjects will be held.

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