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Ruckus Created Inside The Red Fort

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The farmers, who have been protesting against the agricultural laws on the borders of Delhi for the last two months, promised to carry out a tractor parade peacefully on the streets of Delhi on 26 January, but this promise proved to be hollow. There was a lot of clashes and clashes in Delhi all day. Nobody expected this to create such a furore in the capital Delhi on the occasion of Republic Day. But the reality is that on 26 January, the protesting farmers in Delhi cut a ruckus, whose echo will be heard for a long time. The number of police personnel injured in the tractor parade has increased to 313. So far 22 FIRs have been filed in this case. It is believed that more FIRs will be filed.

Leaders of peasant unions associated with the movement have distanced themselves from the uproar and violence in Delhi. Many farmer leaders are blaming Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu for spreading violence in Delhi and inciting farmers. Actor and social activist Deep Sidhu is facing charges of inciting protesters and stirring them up during the farm tractor parade. After hoisting the ‘Nishan Sahib’ at the Red Fort in Delhi, a video of Sidhu surfaced on social media, in which he said, ‘We have just hoisted the Nishan Sahib on the Red Fort which is our democratic right. The tricolour was not removed there. Many peasant leaders believe that on the instigation of Deep Sidhu, the protesters entered the premises of Red Fort.

Serious allegations against Deep Sidhu

Swaraj India founder Yogendra Yadav has also accused Deep Sidhu of instigating the farmers. Yogendra Yadav, one of the leaders leading the movement against agricultural laws, said that we had removed Deep Sidhu from his performance right from the beginning. In a conversation with India Today, Yogendra Yadav accused another person of instigating farmers, whose name is Lakkha Sadhana. Yogendra Yadav told a TV channel that Deep Sidhu and gangster-turned-leader Lakkha Singh Sadhana provoked and misled the farmers.

Opposition heads put a question on the government BSP supremo Mayawati, in a tweet in her response, said that whatever happened during the farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day on the Republic Day yesterday in the country’s capital, it should not have happened at all. This is very unfortunate and the central government must also take it very seriously. Also, the BSP is again appealing to the central government to withdraw all the three agricultural laws without any delay and end the long-running agitation of the farmers so that no such untoward incident can happen again.

Akhilesh Yadav said

The way the BJP government has continuously neglected, humiliated and accused the farmers, has played a decisive role in turning the anger of the farmers into anger. BJP is the only culprit for the situation that has been created now. The BJP, assuming its moral responsibility, immediately cancel the agricultural law.

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