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Rules For Calling Will Diversify

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The method of calling from landline to mobile number is going to convert from 1 January 2021. That is, you will not be able to talk by turning the number as previously … In the New Year, you will need to apply zero before calling from landline to mobile.

  • You will not get your number without adding zero. Please tell TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had recommended it to the department on 29 May 2020 and the telecom department issued a circular on 20 November and told about it.
  • In a circular issued on 20 November, the Department of Telecommunication said that TRAI’s recommendations to change the way of dialling the number from landline to mobile have been accepted.

What did DoT say?

The Department of Telecommunications said that companies will have to provide zero dialling facility to all customers of the landline. At present, this facility is available only on calls outside your area. Companies have been given time till January 1 to adopt this new system.


Ever since the decision of the launch of PUBG Mobile India, updates related to it are coming out. Now a new update has come out that the registration of the company PUBG India has gained support from the central administration.

PUBG India Private Limited has now become a registered company in India. PUBG Mobile India can be launched soon. Let us know that PUBG India, formed in Karnataka on 20 November 2020, is an Indian subsidiary of PUBG Corporation.

PUBG Corporation has registered the company as PUBG India Private Limited. It has got the approval of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. PUBG India Private Limited is shown as a certified company in the listing on the website of the ministry. With this, a valid Corporate Identity Number (CIN) has been given. According to a report, PUBG India has been registered as a company in Bengaluru on 20 November 2020.

PUBG Corporation, which is owned by South Korean video game company Krafton Inc, announced plans on its return to India on 12 November. His plans included setting up an Indian subsidiary. PUBG Corporation said in a statement that this will help in enhancing communication and services with the players. As an extension of these plans, PUBG Corporation will have an Indian office and the company will employ over 100 skilled in business, esports and game development.

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