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Sales of Commuter Vehicle Drop

Vehicle dealers’ association Fada (FADA) said on Wednesday that retail sales of passenger vehicles declined by 7.12% in August. In August last year, 1, 92,189 units of passenger vehicles were sold, which has come down to 1, 78,513 units this year.

The FADA claimed this by quoting vehicle registration data from 1,242 RTOs out of the country’s 1,450 regional transport offices (RTOs). FADA said sales of two-wheelers declined by 28.71% to 8, 98,775 units in August 2020. Whereas, in August 2019, 12, 60,722 two-wheelers were sold. At the same time, commercial vehicle sales fell 57.39% in August. A total of 26,536 commercial vehicles were sold. Whereas, 62,270 commercial vehicles were sold in August 2019.

Three Wheeler sales decrease by 69.51%

Three-wheelers saw a big drop in traffic and only 16,857 three-wheelers were sold in August this year. Last year, 55,293 three-wheelers were sold at the same time. That is, their sales shrank by 69.51% in August. FADA said overall traffic of all types of vehicles dwindled by 26.81% in August. A total of 11, 88,087 vehicles have been sold in August this year. Whereas in August 2019, a total of 16, 23,218 vehicles were sold.

The government should give incentive package

VASH Gulati, president of FADA, said vehicle sales increased in August after the lockdown opened. Customers who were preparing to buy vehicles have shopped at Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi festivals. Sales of cars have increased in the states. People are giving priority to own vehicle in coronavirus epidemic. Gulati said that the FADA urged the central government to announce an incentive package to increase sales of vehicles and improve the condition of the automobile sector. He said we have been waiting for the incentive-based Vehicle Scrappage Policy for a long time.

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