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Sanjay Kapoor Daughter Makes Her Appearance at Le BAL in Paris

Happy” father Sanjay Kapoor gave us a sneak peek into her daughter Shanaya Kapoor’s ball with her cavalier at Le BAL des Débutantes or the Paris Ball, which was taken at Paris’ Shangri-La Hotel.

For her big night, Shanaya chose an off-shoulder ruffled red dress and she looked marvellous. Paris Ball (or Le Bal as it is popularly called), is a high profile fashion event held yearly, as a part of which young women from reputed families around the world, accompanied by chosen men-at-arms, make their social debuts in couture ensembles.

Sanjay Kapoor gave a piece from the special twilight on his Instagram profile and inscribed:” So Proud of you. #lebal #Paris.” 

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