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School in Delhi to work on Digital

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From April 1 appearance in all Delhi, administration school could be noted on e-tablets as part of the zero paperwork plan. It was said by Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia, here on Thursday, after a conference with the Deputy Directors of Education (DDEs) and other senior officials.

The DDEs will guarantee that each school teacher is equipped with digital tablets,” he said and continued, no teacher should be without a tablet.I want zero paperwork. Section-wise attendance should be marked by tutors. We are trying to build strong software for the attendance policy so that every DDE gets a piece of information about students’ attendance in each section of each school within their zones. It would be executed from April 1,” he stated.

Examination outcomes will also be uploaded and saved online

  • Stating that the DDEs should be informed of the number of students attending classes, Mr Sisodia said they should get a warning by 9 a.m. every day about the number of students in schools.
  • Examination results also have to be uploaded and maintained online.

Parents to have passwords of CCTVs installed in their ward’s classroom

  1. The Education Minister said CCTV apparatus should be expedited. “The DDEs will have to keep track of CCTV cameras’ installation at schools and classrooms.
  2. They must know the amount of CCTV cameras placed in schools in their zone. Also, whether they are working or not, and if the password has been given to parents or not.

Schools to have video conferencing facility

  • Mr Sisodia also ordered the DDEs to secure video link facilities in each school by the end of April.
  • Every school should have a video conferencing facility. Meetings between school administrators, the DDEs and other officials can be conducted online.
  • It will save the time spent in commuting for conferences,” said Mr Sisodia.

The education minister also emphasised improvements in school aesthetics, like structures, boundary walls, gates, and nameplates. On re-election of the Aam Aadmi Party, he stated it was the first time in the history of India that teaching was accepted as a significant constituent concern.

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