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Seclusion Notions of WhatsApp

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp (WhatsApp) is in a discussion about its new privacy policy these days. WhatsApp has also issued notifications to users about its new policy. About the new conditions of the app, crores of users are in doubt that their Whatsapp is going to create problems now. 

WhatsApp will implement its new conditions from February 8, after which the risk of loss of privacy of users has increased, so people are now looking for another chapter option. Meanwhile, users are downloading Signal. This app is said to be the most secure about the privacy policy in the world. This thing has been accepted by the world’s richest Elon Musk, who has advised the users to use the signal themselves.

Skip Signal now becomes Signal’s first choice

Instant messaging app signal (signal messenger) is becoming the first choice of people among the privacy policy of WhatsApp. Millions of users have downloaded it from the Google Play Store on their phones. Signal has given information about this on his official Twitter account. 

The company has said that for the last two days, verification code on Messenger app (signal messenger) is getting delayed due to the huge number of users downloading the app. Signal has also released a guideline to connect with its messaging platform. In this guideline, users have been told to move from the second messenger app to the signal. Signal has not mentioned the name of WhatsApp about other messenger apps in the guidelines.

In the recent past, the telegram has also become quite popular as a messaging app. It also offers end-to-end encryption along the lines of WhatsApp. In this, private messages of the people are protected by the application server. 

The Telegram application is cloud-based and works on the lines of double-tick, just like WhatsApp. It also has the facility of sending in-app bots, audio and video to the messaging application. Through this, the option of multimedia file sharing is also available. You can access it on mobile as well as desk and tab.

Due to Apple’s new privacy labels feature, it is now easy to know which apps collect user data. WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy, which users must accept by February 8. Users who do not accept it will have to delete the account directly.

According to the new policy, WhatsApp users will have more monitoring of data than before and it will be shared with other services of Facebook. In such a situation, here we are telling you the list of user data to be collected by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Signal and Telegram.

So that you have information about which messaging app is going to your data. Apart from this, you will also be able to understand that if you do not want to agree to a new policy of WhatsApp, then which new app can be shifted.

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