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Sonia Gandhi’s big decision for the workers returning homeward.

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Workers were stranded for a long time due to the lockdown implemented in the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus epidemic. Now when he got permission to go home after about a month, the Central Government decided to recover all the expenses of the rail fare from the labourers. Political rhetoric has intensified on this and now Congress President Sonia Gandhi has taken a big decision about it. The Congress party will bear the cost of railway tickets of all the needy labourers.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has decided that every unit of the State Congress Committee will bear the expenses of the train journey ticket for the return of the labourers and workers and will take necessary steps.

Sonia Gandhi said in a statement that while we can bring back the stranded Indians abroad without any expense, in a program in Gujarat, we can spend Rs 100 crore from the state exchequer if the Ministry of Railways Rs 151 crore in the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. If you can give, then why cannot you afford to hire workers in difficult times..?

Apart from this.

Along with extending the lockdown till May 17, the central government has announced relaxation in many economic activities. However, the ban on some services will continue as before. On the other hand, many state governments are also giving concessions in lockdown after the decision of the Center.


Delhi government is going to give some concessions from 4 May. All government offices will open in these. Those who are related to essential services, 100 per cent people will come there. Non-essential government services will have a deputy secretary and 33 per cent staff. The private institute will also have 33 per cent staff. All types of stationary, stand-alone shops will open. Liquor shops will open. Companies making essential goods will also open. Their supply chain will also open. IT hardware, e-commerce will be essential services. At the same time, 50 people have been allowed in the marriage and 20 people have been allowed to gather if someone dies.

Uttar Pradesh

Buses will be operated in the green zone districts of Uttar Pradesh from Monday. These will be operated with 50 per cent seats, which will be within the boundaries of the district. At the same time, a taxi can run within the city with only two passengers. Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi has given instructions to start industrial activities with precaution. Industrial installations in urban areas, production units are allowed with conditions. Liquor shops will open from 10 am to 7 pm. E-commerce activities will be allowed for essential commodities. The traffic in non-essential activities will not be there from 7 to 7 in the evening.


Instructions have been given to open shops in Red, Orange and Green zones in Maharashtra. Shops will not open in the container or hotspot zone. Shops in MMR and PMR areas will be opened with certain conditions. Permission will be given to open the stand-alone shop. Malls and plazas will not be allowed to open shops. Only 5 shops of non-essential commodities will be open in every lane. The number has not been determined for the required stores. Liquor shops will remain open but only those shops which will not be part of any mall and restaurant will be allowed to open. Restrictions will be applicable on salons.

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