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States were free to make modifications in the fines under the new Motor Vehicle Act: Gadkari

Act: Gadkari
Union Minister of Road Transport and Highway Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday told states were free to make changes in the penalties under the new Motor Vehicle Act. The announcement appears after some states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bihar, showed disagreement over its implementation in collectivity, as the new code led to massive fines on traffic violators. The minister stated the purpose of imposing fine was to get people disciplined not to collect revenue from fine.

“Firstly, the Motor Vehicle Act is in our agreeing list, in which both state and Centre governments have the right to formulate the decisions. Penalties range as per breach, and states have the power to make the choice,” said the minister. He continued that India recorded the highest accidents in the world. “I have told this many terms that India reports about 5 lakh accidents per year, of which over 1.5 lakh people die. This the most distinguished rate of losses due to traffic collisions in the world,” the minister stated.

Minister also thank media coverage on penalties had served, and people could be seen in great numbers outside RTO offices to get driving licences. “Over 30 per cent driving licences were false earlier, which is now developing. All this could lead to a minor number of deaths due to accidents,” he said, advising people should take the law sincerely.

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