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Stubble Burning: The central government has to hop in and find an agreement to fix the crisis: Punjab CM

The Punjab government has inaugurated action on almost 3000 farmers for burning stubble. The Amarinder Singh administration, which expects to hit down stubble burning in the state by 10 to 20 per cent this year, stated that so far the government has got complaints on 20,729 cases of stubble burning. The administration has started action against 2,923 farmers, the Punjab CM said.

  • The government declared that the total number of stubble burning occurrences reported last was approximately 49,000. In contrast, the government says it has collected reports of 20,729 cases till November 1.
  • The Punjab government believes that as more than 70 per cent of the paddy has now been collected, the total number of stubble burning records will remain more moderate than last year.
  • “Notwithstanding a high court stays in the improvement of penalty from farmers castigated last year, the state government has increased its drive on the critical practice of stubble burning,” Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said in a comment in Chandigarh on Sunday.
  • Even as he represented the belief that the prime minister will appreciate and answer confidently to his letter on the important issue of the air pollution, Amarinder Singh said his administration was working committedqly to put a halt to stubble burning.
  • The execution teams had, till November 1, 2019, toured 11,286 fire incidents sites, and climate damages amounting to Rs 41,62,000 had been required in 1,585 cases, a red door made in Khasra Girdawaris in 1,136 cases, and state/FIR filed in 202 cases on the defaulting farmers.

Amarinder Singh also talks about what Punjab has done to stop the pollution 

  • The process of checking the leftover fire events and levying of environmental consideration was being advanced, said the chief minister, continuing that the Punjab Pollution Control Board had also commanded environmental payment of Rs 62 lakhs on 31 combine farmers operating without Super SMS.
  • These measures were not, nevertheless, enough to check the problem, as the bulk of the farmers in Punjab had less than 5 acres of land, making it economically unviable for them to go for hi-end ways of handling the stubble.
  • While staying the process of recovery of the fine imposed last year, the high court had taken note of the increasing responsibility of limited farmers and the serious problem of farmer deaths, and had determined not to add any further financial distress on the farmers, the court had said, while ordering that disciplinary steps may go on in due course of the law.
  • Compensation by the central government was the only solution in the circumstances, said the chief minister, adding that the matter was not one of politics, but a question of the future of our people, which goes beyond politics.

Punjab CM also targets the Central Government 

  • The ball is in the Centre’s court since most state governments are bankrupt,” Punjab CM Amarinder Singh said. Singh more alleged that the states’ fiscal position was linked to GST, which had increased their economic problems.
  • While revealing that Punjab was also adding to the Delhi smog, Amarinder Singh said to put the blame only on his state was completely wrong.

He also slams Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

  • Statistics revealed that the parameters on the factors linking to pollution were more expensive in Delhi, he continued. Rather of approaching the problem, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was conducting political games, he said, questioning what the AAP leader was doing on the ground to fix the issue.
  • The CM announced that the condition worsened in recent years as the product of paddy had improved, with the last two years reporting record results in Punjab, even though the state’s people were traditionally not rice-eaters

“The central government has to hop in and find an agreement to fix the crisis,” Amarinder Singh emphasised.

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