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CarryMinati’s YALGAAR reeled YouTube.

India Business Story
CarryMinati i.e. Ajay Nagar has been in discussion for the past few days. Carrie Minati has been making titles since the beginning of Youtube vs...
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Crime: What is Bois Locker Room?

India Business Story
In the Instagram Boys’ Locker Room Chatting case, Delhi Police Cyber ​​Crime Cell has arrested the administrator of the Instagram group. Earlier, a minor was...

Jio Mart’s service began in these centres on Whatsapp.

India Business Story
Facebook and Reliance Jio have signed a partnership deal last week, under which Facebook has bought a 9.99 per cent stake in Jio platforms for...
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PM Modi is not leaving social media

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed a tweet on Monday night to quit social tools, after which there was a tumult amongst his supporters on...

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