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Tesla’s Door in India

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Tesla, the world’s most worthy car firm, is finally appearing to India. This electric vehicle car company of Elon Musk has launched its Indian subsidiary. Tesla will also set up a research and development unit in India besides manufacturing plants. On January 8, Tesla has also done this registration in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

This unit is named ‘Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited’. For this new unit, Vaibhav Taneja, Banktrangam Shriram and David John Feinstein have also been appointed directors. It has been revealed in the information given to the Corporate Ministry.Tesla will manufacture and trade luxury electric cars here. Tesla has officially registered in Bengaluru. The company’s office is located in front of the Bangalore Club at Richmond Circle Junction.

Booking in a few weeks

Tesla’s electric cars will be seen racing on Indian roads this year. Booking of these cars can start in a few weeks. According to some media reports, its booking can start in June.

How much can the price be?

According to media reports, Tesla can launch the ‘Model 3’ of its car in the Indian market. A 60Kwh Lithium-ion battery pack has been given inside it. The top speed of the vehicle is 162mph (260.7 km) per hour. This car can hold a speed of 0-60 miles (96.56 km) in 3.1 seconds. Its price can be around 55 lakh to 75 lakh rupees.

Great interior

It has a length of 4,694 mm which is the same as the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra. It gets about 425 litres of boot space, which is enough for luggage. Its interior is also excellent and a 15-inch touch screen command centre has been given.It has features like tinted glass route, 12 adjustable seats, heated seat, two wireless charging pads, 15 speaker sound system, auto park, auto lane change.

Once this much will run in charging

  • It has a powerful lithium-ion battery with dual electric motors, which once full charging the car can run up to 402 km. Not only this, the higher version AWD variant car can go up to 518 km on one charge.
  • In 15 minutes the battery is so charged with Tesla’s supercharger that you can run it for 281 km. But it can take 8.5 to 20 hours to fully charge the battery with a normal charger.

Why is Tesla’s big event in India? This is not new to the electric vehicle market. India is one of the countries where the manufacturing and export of electric vehicles first started. 

But even after this, Tesla’s arrival in India is considered a big event. But why so? Experts believe that the arrival of the electric car in India is not encouraging, but the real reason is Elon Musk. Whatever work Elon Musk has done in the last few years has proved to be gold. But, despite all this.

What will Tesla allow in India? Why so much ado about Tesla? In the last few years, a mood has been created about Tesla. There is also one thing that Tesla has achieved that position in the electric vehicle segment, which was also considered difficult to be possible. This company has a larger range than other companies. 

Tesla has developed a large charging network so that its products can be supported. Tesla’s cars are a generation car in which cloud computing has been used extensively. Tesla’s AutoPilot Mode is also widely discussed. Tesla is a futuristic car. But, apart from the product, the innovative marketing of this company also contributes greatly. Tesla has got a special benefit.

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