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The Ball is Now in Your Court: Government

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The impasse between the central government and farmers regarding agricultural laws is not ending. The talk of the 11th round between the central government and the farmers was also inconclusive today, the date of the next meeting is also not fixed.

In the 11th round of talks (Talk Between government and Farmers) today, the government also proposed to constitute a committee on the demand for legal guarantee of minimum support price (MSP) which was rejected by the farmers. According to the information, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said, ‘We tried our best, now the ball is in your court.’ Farmer leaders say that no progress has come from the government. The government is saying that it has done ‘maximum effort’ on its part.

The government seems to be getting tighter in talks with farmer leaders regarding the new farm laws. In Friday’s talks, a clear message has been given by the government that till the farmers do not consider the proposal of one and a half people, then the talks are not possible. During the meeting, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar told the farmer leaders – ‘The government is grateful for your cooperation. There is no shortage of law. We made a proposal in your honour. You could not decide. If you reach a decision then inform. We will discuss this again. No further date has been set.

The government had proposed to postpone the law for one and a half years, the former leader did not agree In fact, in the tenth round meeting, it was proposed to the farmer leaders on behalf of the government that we will keep the new law suspended for one and a half years. Farmer leaders were asked to consider it. But even before the 11th round meeting, it was made clear from the farmer’s leaders that this proposal would not be considered and withdrawal of law is the only option to stop the movement.

The government said – the best and last offer was from our side now it has been made clear from the government that the proposal to stop the law for a year and a half was their ‘last limit’. Farmer leaders have been asked to consider this proposal twice. It has also been made clear from the government that there is no deficiency in the law. Its clear message is that the government can only discuss the law point-by-point but there is no question of a refund.


Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has expressed sympathy with the families of the 76 people killed in the peasant movement. The Chief Minister has announced a compensation of five-five lakh rupees to the families of these farmers and to provide jobs to one of the families.

The Chief Minister announced this in his Facebook Live program Ask the Captain today. He said that the central government has made these laws without consulting the states, while agriculture is a state subject and the central government does not have the right to make laws on it. For this reason, farmers have been fighting to save their lands there for the last four months, regardless of the cold, rain.

The Captain further said that by implementing these three laws, the Central Government wants to break the mandis and close the MSP system. Already, only two crops get MSP. If it is also handed over to the open market, it will be like other crops including maize.

Capt Amarinder Singh made it clear that the PM formed a committee to enact the three laws but did not include Punjab. He said, did not call us in the first meeting. I wrote to him that why did you not include Punjab giving 40 percent food grains? Then we too were made its members. The second meeting had financial issues in which Finance Minister Manpreet Badal attended to attend.

He said that the Khalsa is also taking the help of those who serve all over the world. I have opposed these summons. Regarding the ongoing meetings between the central government and farmers, Captain Amarinder said that how often the central government will meet farmers. What is the problem in repealing these laws? Has the Constitution not been amended 130 to 140 times? The Captain said that if the government wants to enact a law for reform, then repeal these three laws and form a committee in which farmers are also involved. With their consent, the law should be enacted and implemented.

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