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The Cruelty With The Girl in The National Capital

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal reached AIIMS to meet a 13-year-old innocent victim of Hawaii in Peeragadhi area of Paschim Vihar West. During this, he asked the team of doctors about the situation of the girl child, and announced a sum of Rs 10 lakh, giving the family the help of all possible help. Kejriwal said that the condition of the innocent is very serious. The coming 48 hours is very important to him.

Kejriwal said during a conversation with journalists that I have spoken to the police commissioner. The police are pushing to apprehend the accused. The government will ensure strict punishment for the accused. The government has announced a grant of Rs 10 lakh to his family members. Kejriwal has said that the Delhi government will raise the greatest advocate to punish the culprits. On the other hand, Congress workers outside AIIMS for increasing crime in Delhi.

Gambhir demanded the death penalty for the culprits

BJP leader and MP Gautam Gambhir tweeted expressing anger against the 12-year-old’s brutalities. He has said that there is no less than a death penalty for those who have done havoc with a 12-year-old girl. He has wished the victim a speedy recovery. At the same time, the victim has also requested to get justice soon.

Let us tell you that a case of innocence with a 13-year-old innocent has come up in Piragadhi area of Paschim Vihar West. The girl was alone in the room. During this time, he was punished. On opposing, she not only adopted her head and body with scissors, but it is suspected that Nirbhaya-like incident was carried out with her.

The girl escaped from the house by considering the blood-dead girl dead. What must have happened to the girl, it can be guessed that she kept sobbing in the room for a long time. After that, as soon as she came out of the room sliding and knocking the neighbour’s door, she fainted again by gesturing herself. There was constant bleeding from his private organs. Neighbours were also scared after seeing the condition of the girl child. Immediately reported the matter to the police.

Girl’s full-body discolourations

  • Maliwal said, “The girl has fractures and bruises all over her body.
  • He has been brutally stabbed to the extent that there are bruises on every part of his body.
  • “Maliwal said that it has been two days and the police have not arrested the accused yet.”
  • I am going to ask the DCP about the investigation,” he said. Questioning the police, “Have the CCTV footage been investigated?”
  • How many statements have been recorded so far? How is it possible that the accused are still not caught? ”Maliwal demanded that the accused should be arrested and sentenced to death immediately.

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