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The Declarations that would be appreciated for achieving one year of Modi 2.0.

On May 30, one year of Narendra Modi government 2.0 is going to be completed. Modi government has taken 12 important steps in 12 months of its second term. Among these achievements, steps have been taken from the plan to make India self-reliant, to eliminate Article 370 and three divorces from Jammu and Kashmir.

Many historical and bold decisions like road safety, curbing terrorism and merger of banks were also taken by the Modi government. Apart from this, to improve the condition and direction of the farmers, many important changes have been taken in the agriculture sector. Similarly, the citizenship law was also changed in the country.

Article 370 offset

  1. In its second term, the Modi government took the most historic decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir, which has been its priority since the time of Jana Sangh.
  2. In Jammu and Kashmir, along with taking steps to make Article 370 ineffective, the work of dividing the state into two parts also took place during this period. President Ram Nath Kovind approved the proposal to nullify Article 370, granting special state status to Jammu and Kashmir, and Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh were divided into two union territories.
  3. After this decision of Modi government, one country, one legislation and one mark have been implemented in Kashmir.
  1. Get rid of triple talaq

The Narendra Modi government came to power for the second time in a row, taking the first step to rid Muslim women of triple talaq. The Modi government passed the ‘Protection of Muslim Women Marriage Rights Bill-2019’ from the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to ban triple talaq. From August 1, 2019, giving three divorces became a legal offence.

Despite not having a majority in the Rajya Sabha, the Modi government managed to implement this law. From the very first term of the government, this issue was included in the main agenda of the BJP.

  1. Citizenship Amendment Act
  • In the second term of the Narendra Modi government, the Citizenship Amendment Act can be seen as a big decision. It was implemented across the country on 10 January 2020. With this law, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Jews living in Pakistan, Afghanistan and other countries can get Indian citizenship.
  • There were several months of teach-ins across the nation over the changes made in this law, in which many people lost their lives. Muslim women were protesting on this law on the road, after which Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Union Home Minister said that through this law, citizenship of any minority of the country will not be taken away. Despite this, the protests continued but the government did not take its steps.
  1. Self-reliant India crusade

To bring the country’s deteriorated economy back on track, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched a self-reliant India campaign, announcing a package of 20 lakh crores. With this decision, India will move towards becoming self-reliant like China. Narendra Modi said that the 21st century belongs to India, it is not only our dream but also a responsibility. For this, you have to walk on the path of self-sufficiency.

Amendment to the UAPA Act

  • The Narendra Modi government implemented the UAPA i.e. Prevention of Unlawful Activities (Amendment) Bill-2019 from Parliament to curb terrorism.The new UAPA law gives the right to declare a person found to be a terrorist if involved in or encouraging terrorist activities. Recently, under the UAPA Act, the Modi government has declared Most Wanted Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Saeed, Maulana Masood Azhar and Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi as terrorists. The new law gives the NIA the right to seize the property of the accused.

 The decision to consolidate banks

Modi government has taken many important steps towards economic reform in the country. The government has announced the merger of ten state-owned banks to form four large banks. Oriental Bank of Commerce and United Bank were merged with Punjab National Bank. Syndicate Bank was merged with Canara Bank and Allahabad Bank into Indian Bank. 

Announced to connect Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank with Union Bank of India. This merger will provide relief to the banks from the rising NPA, as well as provide better banking facilities to the consumers.

Constitution of Ministry of Water Power

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised in the election that a unified ministry would be formed to deal with water-related issues. This was the reason that upon coming to power, theNarendra Modi government combined the water resources and drinking water and sanitation ministries to form the Ministry of Water Power.
  • To provide clean drinking water to every Indian in the country, 1592 blocks of 256 districtshave been identified under ‘Jal Shakti Abhiyan’. Places where the water level is below, those places will be identified.
  • The government has set the goal of delivering water to every household, to every tap. Along with this, the goal of water conservation and water harvesting has also been set.

On the first anniversary of the second term of the Modi government, a crusade will be launched across the nation. However, because of the pandemic of BJP, this campaign will be conducted only through the digital medium. The party will conduct a campaign to tell people about the achievements of the central government.

BJP national president JP Nadda will also address the first anniversary of the second term of the Modi government. Jaypee Nadda’s address will be through Facebook Live. Rally will also be organized at every level virtually.

Speed of functioning PM Modi said in an interview to a news agency that he has set an unprecedented pace of functioning within a few days of forming the government. Modi said, “What we have achieved is the result of clear policy and working in the right direction. Our government has done a lot of work in the first 75 days.”

The Modi government has started with the integrated approach of improving water supply and promoting water conservation and the formation of the Ministry of Waterpower for a mission mode to address the most urgent issue of our time. Prime Minister Modi said that the government is doing a great job due to the strong withdrawal.

The 75-day work of the government is the result of the same strong foundation that we had built in the last five years. Due to hundreds of reforms done in the last five years, the country is ready to move ahead at this pace. People’s feelings and aspirations are also connected to the work of government. This has happened not just because of the government, but also because of the strength in Parliament.

Prime Minister Modi said that no decision can be greater than Kashmir. He said that the systematic and uninterrupted manner in which the government successfully removed Article-370 and Article-35A not only astonished Pakistan’s eyes, but it also shocked her. The government has been able to make the best decisions one after the other due to the strength in Parliament. Like our Facebook page for regular updates on personal finance and the stock market in Hindi. To like this page.

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