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This Bank Sanctioned A Loan Of 75 Million Dollars For India.

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China-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has sanctioned a loan of $ 75 million (about Rs 5720 crore) for India to help tackle the Corona crisis.

The project is co-financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). AIIB said in a statement that the project aims to increase financial support for businessmen, expand social security for the needy and expand the country’s healthcare system. Significantly, in the month of May also AIIB had approved a loan of 500 million dollars for India. AIIB has announced that it will fund up to $ 10 billion to the public and private sector to combat the coronavirus infection. AIIB has given a total loan of $ 3.6 billion to India so far.

What did AIIB SAY?

DJ Pandian, Vice President of AIIB said, “Many low or middle-income countries of the world are still in the early stages of dealing with this crisis and they are beginning to feel the impact of this epidemic.” He said that with this help it will be ensured that India can carry out such economic activities so that long-term damage to productive capacity does not happen.

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank aimed at supporting the development of infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region. The bank currently has 78 members.

The bank is headquartered in Beijing, China and was founded in 2015. China is mainly behind the establishment of this bank and he proposed to form it. It is believed that this bank has been set up to finance China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

India has given a stern response to China over the violent clash on LAC on Monday night. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said on Wednesday that whatever happened in Galvan was China’s planning. China conspired to change the ground situation. He intends to change the facts. S Jaishankar said these things in a phone conversation with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday.

PM Modi has said that the soldiers who have been martyred will not go in vain. With this, he said that we should be proud of our jawans, they are killed by beating.

On Wednesday, before the talks with the Chief Ministers of the states on the Coronavirus, PM Modi paid tribute to the soldiers who were martyred along the China border. PM Modi said that I assure the country that the sacrifice of soldiers will not go in vain. He also said that soldiers are killed by beating. Along with this, a two-minute silence was also kept for the martyred soldiers.

PM Modi said, ‘We have always worked closely with our neighbours. Always wished for his development and welfare. Wherever there have been differences, we have always tried that differences should not become a dispute. We never provoke anyone. But they also do not compromise with the integrity and sovereignty of our country. Whenever the time has come, we have demonstrated our strength, proved our capabilities to protect the integrity and sovereignty of the country.

‘Nothing can stop you from defence’

PM Modi further said, ‘Renunciation and penance is part of our character. Vikram and valour are also part of our character. Nothing can stop us from protecting the sovereignty and integrity of the country. Nobody should have any confusion in this. India wants peace but India can give a proper answer in every situation on instigation and the country will be proud of the fact that our deceased martyred soldiers are dead.

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