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This Indian King used Rolls-Royces for garbage collecting

As the story continues, in 1920, the Maharaja of Alwar, a fabulously affluent king whose name was Jai Singh Prabhakar, visited London, and one day decided to walk around the city “secret,” wearing normal English clothes.

Passing by a Rolls Royce showroom, Jai Singh decided to go within. He asked the cast about the stipulations of the Rolls Royce cars and their prices. However, the salesmen just noticed a man with the face of an Indian. Overlooking his request for a test ride, the staff went so far as to rudely show the Maharaja out the gate.

This treatment usually made him angry. The Maharaja got back to his hotel and asked for an official appointment of the Indian king to the Rolls Royce showroom to be systematised. When he appeared in his formal outfit, dressed in sparkling clothes and jewellery, the Maharaja was greeted with a red carpeting and workers standing on both sides of it paying their regards to the king.

Jai Singh spent more than two hours in the showroom, trying all the six models presented. In the end, he bought all of the cars in the showroom. And he paid for them all right on, including the cash for the costs of transportation. When he turned to India, Jai Singh Prabhakar gave an order to the Municipality in New Delhi to use the cars for collecting waste. So, six brand-new Rolls Royce models were cleaning the streets of New Delhi, and carrying the garbage off.

Rolls Royce, a brand in practice since 1906 and the number-one car company in the world in the 1920s, was embarrassed and shocked about the Maharaja’s handling of its cars.

The fame of the company hurt because of this experience in New Delhi. “Oh, the same car used in India for carrying garbage” became a judgment connected with Rolls Royce. The story remains that the King received a message with regrets from Rolls Royce for the way the employees acted towards him. The car officials begged for him to stop using the wheels for transporting waste and also sent him a gift of another six vehicles. Satisfied that a teaching had been absorbed, Jai Singh gave their call.

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