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This the purpose why govt has issued lotus on Indian passports

The Congress party has asked Modi government over the replacement of ‘Lion’ with ‘Lotus’ figure on Indian passports. Congress MP MK Raghavan testified that “lotus symbol” was being printed on new passports. He said such passports had been issued in his Kozhikode constituency.

Raghvan assumed that the lotus symbol was calligraphed inside a quadrilateral on the page near the passport officer’s signature and seal. He said the concern was highlighted by one of the journals and alleged that this was a case “further saffronisation“. Lotus is the party logo of the BJP.

Getting to the detail why the government adopted this symbol.

  • The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has announced that the new ‘lotus’ symbol on Indian passports is a portion of heightened security innovations meant to classify false passports.
  • The External Affairs Ministry also joined that the government would be adopting other national symbols ‘on rotation’ for the same direction.”
  • Apart from lotus, other state symbols will be practised in turn, right now it is lotus, and then next month there will be something else. These are symbols attached with India such as national flower and national hymn,” he said. 
  • Kumar appended the new security features were included as part of International Civil Aviation Organisation guidelines

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