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Traditional Rakhi Getting Available With ‘Modi Rakhi’

The campaign for a boycott of Chinese goods is gaining momentum in the country. The national campaign for the boycott of Chinese products started on 10 June 2020 under the leadership of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), is receiving strong support across the country. CAT claims that this time the demand for rakhis made of Indian goods has increased in the markets.

Buyers are also willing to pay a higher price for the rakhis made of Indian goods rather than Chinese ones. Traders and consumers will boycott Chinese goods on Rakshabandhan and Diwali to teach China a lesson. The first sign of this campaign of CAT can be seen on Rakshabandhan.

Traditional Rakhi getting ready with ‘Modi Rakhi’

CAT national president BC Bhartia and national general secretary Praveen Khandelwal said that perhaps this is the first time that apart from making traditional rakhi, women have also developed many other types of ash using new designs including specially designed Modi Rakhi, seed rakhi is also included, whose seeds can be used for planting saplings after rakhi.

Similarly, keeping the environment in view, the clay ash, lentils made of rice, rice, wheat and other cereal articles, the Madhubani painting ash, handicraft items, tribal items, etc. Large quantities are also being made in different states of the country. The campaign to boycott Chinese products has increased the demand for Made in India products across the country.

On this festival of Rakhi, artisans, women of self-help groups, women working in homes and anganwadis are making ashes on a large scale with the help of CAT. With this, not only are they getting employment but by converting unskilled women into semi-skilled workers, CAT is encouraging them to make more and more decorative, beautiful and new design rakhi.

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