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Transit Signal for Delhi-NCR

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The third round of talks with farmers who took to the streets against agriculture law could not reach any end. It has now been decided that tomorrow, on December 3, there will be talks between the government and the farmers’ organizations. Meanwhile, the farmers announced that till their demands are met, the movement will go on, they will move forward.

Farmers of many states including Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh are in the process of travelling to Delhi. Due to this, the borders of Delhi have been closed. People are facing a lot of troubles due to the closure of the border. The open border, there is a jam for hours. Some are forced to travel on foot, stuck in jam for hours.

  • Meanwhile, the Delhi Police has issued a traffic announcement for Wednesday. According to this, the Chilla Border located on Noida Link Road has been closed. There is a gathering of farmers near the Gautam Buddha Gate here. People have been appealed to use NH-24 and DND to go to Noida instead of Noida Link Road.
  • The Sindhu border is also closed. Several small borders including Lampur, Nauchandi have also been closed. Delhi Police said that apart from the border which has been closed due to the farmers’ campaign, they should travel through other routes. The traffic on the Indus border has been diverted towards Mukarba Chowka and GTK Road.

Farmers who took to the streets against the rustic law are still fighting their battle. Thousands of farmers have been gathering on the edges of Delhi for the last about a week. The conversation that took place between the central government and farmer organizations in the past, could not yield any concrete result. Because of this, farmers have said that their movement will continue till these laws are returned.


China will pick up the loam of the moon

  1. After nearly half a century, China will collect a sample of stones for the first time from the lunar soil. Earlier, America did this in the year of Apollo in 1976. 
  2. China’s spacecraft Changai-5 successfully landed on the lunar surface at 8.45 minutes on Tuesday, December 1, according to Indian time. On 23 November, this vehicle was sent by China to the moon.
  3. According to Science News website, Planetary Scientist Jessica Barnes of Arizona University says that people have been going to different parts of the moon since the Apollo era. Bringing soil from there. 
  4. This time will bring China. Happily, this is happening after a long time. Jessica Barnes has researched soil samples brought by the US and the Soviet Union.

Chang’e-5 Spacecraft was launched from the South China Sea on the night of 23 November. The China National Space Administration (CNSA) has launched the Chang’e-5 Spacecraft on the lunar surface where there were volcanoes millions of years ago. This is the north-west region of the moon, which is visible to us with eyes. China did not send its mission to the dark part of the moon.

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