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Trickery Polls: Trump

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Washington: President Donald Trump, who was just a few steps away from the defeat in the US Election Result 2020, has now begun to question the electoral process amid allegations of postal ballots and rigging in some states. . During a press conference on Friday, Trump was making such a comment about the elections, but many big TV channels in America stopped the broadcast of this press conference in the middle. Later, several channels issued a statement that in this way no one can be allowed to spread lies about the entire election without evidence.

  1. Many big TV channels in America – ABC, CBS and NBC stopped the coverage of Trump’s press conference in the middle and told their audience that the President has made many false statements. Channels say that it seemed from President Trump’s talk that he is calling “postal votes” as “fraud” and questioning the entire election process itself. 
  2. Trump had said that this is a war for me and the whole world. It is not an issue of me or Biden winning the election, this whole process is under question today.
  3. Before Trump-voting, he has been telling his supporters that they should not cast postal votes, but go and vote themselves. At the same time, Biden had told his supporters that in view of the Corona epidemic, they should vote with the maximum number of postal votes.

The war of presidential elections in America is going on in its final phase. But it has not been finalized yet who will become the next President of America. In the results so far, Joe Biden of the Democrats Party is leading and is close to the majority. On the other hand, US President Donald Trump has also claimed victory and at some places accused of fraud in counting. But this war has now mainly subsided on four states, from where the final results can be decided.

Which US states have an impressive fight performing on?

  1. Pennsylvania: The total electoral vote in this state is 20. Initially, Donald Trump was leading here, but as soon as the Mail in vote opened, Joe Biden gained momentum. According to the New York Times, 94 per cent of the counting has taken place here and Donald Trump has 49.7%, which Biden has received 49.0%.
  2. Georgia: This state has a total of 16 electoral votes. A very thorny contest is going on here and Donald Trump is ahead with just two thousand votes. So far, 98 per cent counting has been done here, while Donald Trump has received 49.4% votes. Now, these votes are opening in the mail, in such a situation, the picture can change.
  3. North Carolina: This state has a total of 15 electoral votes. Till now 95 per cent of the votes have been counted. So far Donald Trump has received around 50 per cent and Joe Biden has received 48 per cent. According to local officials, mail-in votes will be received here till November 12, which means that the picture will be clear only.

Arizona: There are a total of 11 electoral votes in this state, where only 90 per cent of the counting has been done. Here Joe Biden got 50 per cent and Donald Trump got 48.5 per cent. There is a count of about three lakh votes left here.

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