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Trump Cited His Feats

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US President Donald Trump mentioned his administration’s achievements in the early hours of Wednesday (Indian time) while trying to mend the tarnished legacy in the last few days of his term. With this, he said that this is just the beginning of the movement started by him. In a Farewell video, Trump greeted the next president, Joe Biden. 

Trump said that this week we will get a new government. We pray that it can succeed in keeping America safe and prosperous. Trump said in the video, ‘We offer our best wishes and we also wish them luck.’ Trump, who made baseless allegations of fraud in large numbers during the election, did not mention Biden in his entire speech. He used the term ‘next administration’ for the new government. Many supporters of Trump believe that the elections were stolen from him.

Trump mentioned his achievements Trump, in his address, tried to present his presidential term as a victory for the people. He referred to efforts to normalize relations in the Middle East as top achievements during the speech, coronavirus vaccination and the creation of a new space force.

Trump tried to defend the endless controversies that have been vindicated for the past four years are going Trump said that ‘as president, my top priority, my constant concern, has always been the best interests of American workers and American families. I did not seek a path that received the least criticism. I chose the most difficult option for tough battles because you had chosen me to do so.

And America’s newly elected President Joe Biden Administration has nominated 20 Indian Americans, including 13 women, to important positions in his administration. Of these Indian Americans, 17 people will hold important responsibility in the powerful White House. One per cent of the total population of the US are Indian Americans. At the top of this list are Neera Tandon and Dr Vivek Murthy. 

  • Neera Tandon has been nominated as director of management and budget of the White House office in the Biden administration, and Dr Murthy as US Surgeon General. Vanita Gupta has been named Associate Attorney General of the Ministry of Law.
  • Biden appointed Ujra Jeya, a former Foreign Service officer, as the Under Secretary of State for Civil Defense, Democracy and Human Rights. MR Rangaswamy, the founder of ‘IndiaSpora’, said that the Indian-American community’s dedication to public service over the years has been recognized. In particular, the number of women is more. Mala Adiga has been appointed as the
  • Director of Policy of First Lady Dr Jill Biden and Garima Verma as Digital Director of First Lady’s Office, while Sabrina Singh has been appointed as her Deputy Press Minister. For the first time in the White House, two Indian-Americans who originally belong to Kashmir have been given a place.
  • Among them, Ayesha Shah has been named ‘Partnership Manager’ of the Digital Strategy at the White House office and Sameera Fazli has been named Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council at the White House. Another Indian-American Bharata Ramamurthy has been appointed Deputy Director in the White House National Economic Council. Gautam Raghavan has been made Deputy Director in the Office of President Personnel in the White House.

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