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Two passengers doubted with coronavirus put in quarantine at Kolkata airdrome

Novel coronavirus: Two patrons who landed at Kolkata international airport on Thursday have been set in privacy for speculated coronavirus. The passengers flew in from Bangkok. A Kolkata airport official said that both the passengers have been sent to Beliaghata ID Hospital.

First, a passenger onboard a SpiceJet flight from Bangkok was hospitalised over the awe of coronavirus in Delhi on Thursday.

Before that, two individuals – Himadri Barman and Nagendra Singh – were quarantined on Tuesday and Wednesday as per government officials in Delhi.


India has cancelled all visas from China following the over 400 claimed Novel Coronavirus explosion in the neighbouring country.

“It has been clarified that the existing visas are no longer valid. Visiting visitors can contact the Embassy in Beijing ( Beijing @ or the Consulate in Shanghai ( and Guangzhou (Visa). .Guangzhou @ to apply afresh for an Indian visa, Indian Embassy in Beijing tweeted.

All those who are already in India (with regular or e-visa) and travelled from China after January 15 are requested to visit the hotline number (+ 91) of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. -11-23978046) and email:, “Embassy tweeted.

The third case of coronavirus in India came to light in Kerala this morning by the southern state after the first two cases of infectious diseases in the country, which have killed more than 350 people in China in the last four days. All three patients are students who came from Wuhan, China last month.

An outbreak of coronavirus, which originated in China and spread to more than 20 countries worldwide in the last few weeks, has been declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization.

“The third positive case of a novel coronavirus patient has been reported in Kerala. The patient has a history of travelling from Wuhan, China. The patient has tested positive for Novel Coronavirus and is isolated in a hospital. The patient is stable and closely watched. The monitoring was done, “the Union Health Ministry said in a statement today. Kerala Health Minister KK Selja said this morning,” The patient is undergoing treatment at Kanjangad District Hospital in Kasaragod. ““There is nothing to panic. Health officials led by district medical officers are monitoring efforts. Confirmation of confirmed cases continues.

The Union Health Ministry said that India’s second case in Kerala has been published in Kerala, three days after the first case of the infectious virus that killed more than 300 people was reported in Kerala. The second genuine case of novel coronavirus case in Kerala is listed. The theme is the story of travel from China. The matter is stable and is being looked into strictly,”the administration said in a report. The patient is said to have returned from China on 24 January.

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