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US Support For Agricultural Decrees

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Farmers have been agitating in Delhi for the last two months to protest against the new agricultural laws of the Center. The US has now given its first reaction to the peasant movement. The State Department of America has supported the agricultural laws of the Center, saying that peaceful protest is considered the identity of democracy in any country.

In such a situation, differences related to laws should be resolved through negotiations. This reaction from America on the farmer’s movement has come at a time when many international celebrities have given their support to the farmer’s movement.

The State Department of America has supported the three new laws of the Government of India and said that this will increase the usefulness of Indian markets. At the same time, the State Department has also said that the US welcomes such steps that will improve the usefulness of India’s markets and encourage more private sector investment. However, the US State Department has also said that the dispute should be resolved through dialogue. Peaceful protest is the hallmark of a strong democracy.

Indian Supreme Court also held peaceful turmoils – US

Not only this, while supporting the laws, the US State Department has also said that the Supreme Court of India has also supported peaceful protests. Access to information and access to the Internet is freedom of expression, which are indicative of democracy.

Let us know that on the three borders of Delhi (Indus, Tikri and Ghazipur), where the farmers’ movement is going on, the strictness of the police is being increased. After putting a big nail on the road on the ticker border, the administration has made a thick wall by connecting the barricades with cement on the Singhu border. On the Ghazipur border, barbed wire has been installed from Delhi. Not only this, but the internet has also been stopped in the places where the demonstrations took place. International celebrities are sharing and tweeting the news related to the movement.


Congress is continuously targeting the government against the farm movement against the farm laws. Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are not missing an opportunity to target the government regarding the farmer movement. On Thursday, Priyanka Gandhi is going to Rampur to meet the family of Navrita Singh, who lost her life in the Tractor Rally. After reaching Dibdiba village in Rampur district of UP, Priyanka Gandhi will pay tribute to him. Along with Priyanka Gandhi, big leaders of Congress are also going to Rampur. Let me tell you, Navrita Singh died in an accident during tractor parade in New Delhi on 26 January last.

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