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We Asked For 1000 Ventilators, Centre Gave Only 50: Telangana Government

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States have started questioning the Modi government claims of transporting ventilators to hospitals in view of the fast-growing corona virus infection in the country and have accused the Center of not providing ventilators to them as per their demand.

Telangana Health Minister E.Rajendra has said that he had asked for 1,000 ventilators from the central government, but till now only 50 ventilators have been given to the state. The minister said, ‘How often your ICMR guidelines will change, you should think about it. We asked for 1,000 ventilators, but you gave only 50. On the orders of the Prime Minister, our machines were sent to Kolkata by ICMR.’The Telangana Health Minister also alleged that they are not getting facilities and financial help from the central government. 

Lack of ventilators is another cause of concern in Karnataka, another state in the south. According to the report of The News Minute, the state had asked for 1,300 ventilators from the center, but so far they have been given only 90 ventilators.It is known that the ventilator is important for patients suffering from severe causes of corona infection.

The Modi government made a lot of headlines at the time when it had announced that ventilators manufactured in the country would be purchased from PM Cares Fund and sent to it by the hospitals of the states.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) issued a press release on 13 May 2020, stating that the PM Cares Fund Trust has allocated Rs 3,100 crore and out of this, around Rs 2,000 crore will be spent in buying ventilators. The office said that a total of 50,000 ventilators will be purchased with this money.

Nearly a month after this announcement, BJP spokespersons and party members shared pictures of ventilators on social media claiming that they were purchased from the PM Cares Fund and are being transported to all states. However, the states are objecting to this claim and are alleging that they are not being given ventilators as per their demand.

Meanwhile, BJP President JP Nadda claimed on Sunday that there are 21,000 ventilators in the country at present and 60,000 ventilators will be provided from the PM Cares Fund by the end of June. However the PMO had said that 50,000 ventilators would be purchased from PM Cares. Therefore, it is not clear on what basis Nadda is claiming to provide such a number of ventilators.

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