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Welcome to the Wood Carving City of India

Saharanpur the Wood Carving City of India. Saharanpur is located in Western Uttar Pradesh and its border touch with Haryana and Uttarakhand. Saharanpur is very impotent part of UP and India. At the British Time, Saharanpur was a key state for the Britishers. In Mughal Era also Saharanpur is the key state. Saharanpur has a

very long history in Wood Carving. The city has a large variety of wood furniture.

In Wood carving city has a very good hold, the people who are involved in the business are very experienced and there work also appreciated at International level. United Nations has also appreciated the work of the workers. Today Saharanpur wood carving Industry is producing its new Heights. More than 80% of it’s of Saharanpur is produced by the Craving Industry. If you want to take a piece of furniture that will make your home more impressive and make your home beautiful and make the home like palace. Then you should visit Saharanpur.

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