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What India Wants In Lockdown 5?

The lockdown was imposed in the country from 25 March in view of the coronavirus. Since then the lockdown has been extended 2 times. Currently, the date for the end of the lockdown has been set to 17 May. But in view of the ever-increasing effects of coronavirus and deaths from it, it has become very difficult to say whether the lockdown is really going to end on 17 May. On Monday, PM Narendra Modi spoke to the Chief Ministers of all states on the issue of lockdown. During this time, Lockdown 4.0 can be applied according to the assumptions that are being received. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

The nationwide lockdown was extended to 31 May. Monday marks the first day of nationwide lockdown 4.0. The fourth phase of lockdown means that there is a total ban on normal activities in the country for 68 days. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued detailed guidelines related to this.

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Hotel, shopping mall, the shrine will remain closed

Hotels and restaurants, etc. will also remain closed. Cinema halls, shopping malls and gyms, etc banned in the same manner as they were from the beginning of the lockdown. Ban continue on all social events, social, political, cultural and religious. Similarly, all the places in Pujapath remain closed to the public and religious programs also be banned.

Night curfew remain in force

People whose age is more than 65 years, sick people, pregnant women, children below 10 years have to stay in the house. But they can be exempted in case of any need or in terms of health. The night curfew continue. This means that from 7 in the morning to 7 in the morning no one will leave the house.

Now, what the Government should do in Lockdown 5?

  1. India has come 10th in the global infection list and is beating Iran, the initial hotspot of coronavirus. India’s top medical body has said that human trials for the Kovid-19 vaccine can begin in at least 6 months.
  2. Dr Rajni Kant, director of the Regional Medical Research Center and head of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said, “The strain of the virus has been isolated at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) laboratory in Pune, now it is used to make vaccines will be done.
  3. This strain has been successfully transferred to Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL). It is expected that human trials of the vaccine will begin in at least six months. “Also Read – So far 195 health workers have been infected with a corona in Delhi AIIMS, 2 died.

India Should Increase its Testing.

On Wednesday 27 may ICMR said over 1.16 lakh COVID19 tests were conducted in last 24 hours as the number of cases crosses 1.51 lakh across the country.

India has improved its recovery rate 

  • Over 42% of the total coronavirus patients cured of the deadly disease. Timely lockdown and early detection of coronavirus cases are the main reasons behind the high recovery rate, the health ministry said.
  • “When the first lockdown started, then the recovery rate was around 7.1%. The recovery rate during the second lockdown was 11.42%, which further rose to 26.59%, ” Lav Agarwal, joint secretary, the health ministry said on Tuesday. On May 18, when lockdown 4.0 commenced, India’s recovery rate was 38%.

Ends Politics take care of Migrant workers

The imposition of a nation-wide lockdown was intended to degrade the number of people dying (from the pandemic). Ironically, this proposal to save times has also led to the most consequential tragedy to occur a section of our people in recent time.

Lockdown has brought to the fore existing blazing differences in the Indian nation. 

As per the report, Indian Railways ran 3543 “Shramik Special” trains across the country till 27 May 2020 (till 10.00 pm) and transported 48 lakh passengers to their home states through Shramik Special trains in 26 days. Distributed more than 78 lakh free food and more than 1.10 crore water bottles among the travelling migrants

255 labor special trains started on May 26, 2020

Apart from Shramik Special trains, Railways is running 15 pairs of special trains from New Delhi from May 12 and plans to run 200 more trains with its timetable from June 1, 2020.

After 50 days Supreme Court Notice the condition of the Migrant workers.

The Supreme Court said this in its order

  • The Supreme Court in its judgment said that no train or bus fare would be charged from migrant workers. The court said that all the migrant workers stranded at various places will be provided food at those places by the respective state and union territories. Apart from this, the workers will also be told the time to board the train or buses.
  • SC order to state governments on labourers In the state from which migrant labourers will move, their food and water will be arranged at the station.
  • The state will oversee the registration of migrant workers and ensure that after registration, they board a train or bus on an early date. Complete information will be communicated to all concerned. The bench made it clear that it is issuing instructions to the state governments, not the central government.

Workers should be sent home in 10 days- SC

  • The Supreme Court questioned how long it takes to send them when identity is ensured that Pravasi is labourers. They should be sent 10 days a week. On this, the counsel for the Center said that till now over one crore migrant labourers have been sent. Those who are walking are doing so due to depression and other reasons.

India on making COVID 19 vaccine?

There are 30 groups in the country who are trying to make Corona vaccine. Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India, Professor K Vijay Raghavan said that this is a very risky process. Many people in the world are talking about the vaccine, but it is not known whose vaccine will be effective. If the vaccine is wasted, then there is also loss.

We give the vaccine to the normal people and not to the sick and any last stage patient because it is necessary that the quality and safety of the vaccine be thoroughly tested. He said that the vaccine is made in 10-15 years and it costs around 200 million dollars. Our effort is to make it in a year. So instead of working on one vaccine, we are working on more than 100 vaccines at the same time.

In the press conference on Coronavirus, Dr VK Paul, member of the NITI Aayog, said that in the world fight against coronavirus, the last battle that will be won through science and technology. This fight will be won by the vaccine.

He said that if there are so many diseases and effective medicines, then we do not even have to worry. Science and technology is a final frontier in this battle. The science and technology base of our country is strong. Despite limited resources, we have strengthened our base very much. He said that the Pharma industry of the country is called Pharmacy of the World. Many vaccine medicines made in our country go all over the world and save lives.

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