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What is Array Forest Protest

As per the media reports, Numbers of environment activists gathered to Aarey on Saturday morning to stop the felling of trees in a plan to make way for the Mumbai metro.

The whole Array Colony was cordoned off by Mumbai police and Section 144 has been commanded in the area. The Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation began felling trees late Friday to present a way for a car shed.

  • The chopping of trees developed after the Bombay High Court rejected four appeals filed by NGOs and activists complaining of the chopping of trees at the Aarey forest.
  • “There is a massive police deployment in the region. No person is permitted to enter Aarey Colony. Even visitors are being halted,” an activist told.
  • Activists have alleged that almost 200 trees have been cut so far. They have also asserted that the metro corporation wants to finish the project before October 10, when the focus moves to the National Green Tribunal.
  • “This topic is going to be listened by the NGT on October 10, and we expect to get a remarkable release from there. But it looks like the officials want to reduce the entire green scrap before the trial,” Stalin D, one of the activists, responded.
  • Some revolutionaries located just outside Aarey through the twilight as the police prevented them from accessing the area, experts said. They affirmed the officials came under the canopy of shade to destroy the trees.

The Bombay High Court on Friday cancelled four petitions challenging cutting of trees at Aarey Colony for the metro car shed. The process to raze the trees began hours later.

The activists rallied at Aarey Colony after a video noting a tree being cut was broadly reported on social media. They declared the trees were being cut illegally.

According to the laws of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), trees can be cut 15 days after posting the tribunal order to do so on its website, specialists said.

  • “…the authority for the tree cutting of Aarey metro 3 Car shed base was uploaded on the MCGM website on 4th October 2019 twilight and tree cutting started the same night.
  • The sessions are closed for the weekend and then for Dussehra. We need time to stimulate this in court, which we will not have and by the time courts resume, the forest will be gone,” the activists responded in an observation.
  • Nevertheless, Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation Managing Director Ashwini Bhide rejected this accusation. “A new false promotion is in the air that 15 days notice is needed after tree authority management getting uploaded on the website.This is completely baseless. Tree Authority order is announced on 13th Sept 19. 15 days rover on 28th Sept. Action expected till Hon HC judgment was out,”
  • For the last two years, conservationists have been opposing the arrangement to build a car shed for Mumbai Metro at Aarey Colony, which has added than five lakh trees.

Activists had requested the Bombay High Court to postpone the government’s plan. The court, still, declined to negotiate, saying the topic is pending before the Supreme Court and the National Green Tribunal.

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