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Truth Behind India’s Skeleton Lake

Roopkund lake is in India’s Chamoli district. In Uttarakhand Himalayan valleys. This lake is also known as Skeleton lake in India. Now there were many stories why this lake is known as the lake of skeletons.

  • Everyone who visits there has the questions in the mind where these skeletons have come from and why but there are many narratives about the lake that why it’s full of skeletons.
  • There is one story which tells about the story of King and Queen. Nera this reservoir there is a temple of Nanda Devi. God is also known as the Devi of tye Himalayas. As per the people from that region tells that one-day King and Queen decided to climb the Himalayas. During the climb, they were having a pleasant time making so much noise. Due to this the anger of the Devi lightning spilled on them.
  • There are also stories that those people are also the Epidemic victims, But few said they are the members of the Indian Army which Got trapped in a snowstorm.

In1942 the first time these skeletons were seen by British Forest Guard. At that time people feel that these skeletons belong to the soldiers of Japan Army. As they were going for the World War2 but they got Got trapped there and died.

  1. Now there are reports the people who belong to India, Greece and South East Asia may have the link to this skeletons. As per the study of 71 skeletons by the International Group. They have done carbon dating and DNA test of this skeletons. The report also mentioned that this skeletons did not belong to one period. Earlier scientist feels that these skeletons may have relations with each other or it can be one family.
  2. Now as per the latest report they can not be related to each other because in their during DNA the scientist don’t find something which can relate these dead bodies. Skeletons which belong to India were present belongs to the time of 7 to 8 century.
  3. Skeletons belong to Greece were belong to 17 to 20 century. Now after the report it’s clear that skeletons which were found there belong to different century’s.

Skeletal lake Roopkund in Chamoli, Uttarakhand has attracted tourists from all over the world due to the multiple skeletons that are found near it. A new study has found out that the skeletons found there belong to different races.

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