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Why? Donald Trump said – there will be no huge deal yet.

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US President Donald Trump is appearing on his first visit to India from 24-25 February, India is seeking to make an essential trade deal during this time, but after Trump’s latest statement, and it does not show that India will have any hands during this talk. A big deal is about to happen. Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he is keeping a big deal with India for later. This may mean that the two countries will not make any major deals on this trip.

Talking to reporters at the Andrews Joint Base on Tuesday, Trump said about his visit to India – “We can do trade deals with India but I am keeping a big deal for later.”

Trump said that there will be a trade deal with India, but cannot say when it will happen. Trump also said that a trade deal between the two countries could happen before the US presidential election in November.

If Trump will allow to the deal how it can boost Indian Market and Ind &US Relationships? 

  1. Trade Deal: As there were thinkings that. He wants India to ship more from the US and decrease its trade surplus in bilateral commerce. The US also wants its tenants to export more agriculture produce — dairy products to exotic fruits to soybean — to India.
  2. Other demands of the US on its schedule are duty cut on goods like medical plans by India and easing of norms on data localisation in digital commerce space.
  • Defence Cooperation: On December 18, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and Minister of External Affairs S Jaishankar met their US counterparts in Washington DC as part of the India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue.

The outcome of the conference could well be taken forward during Trump’s expected visit as both sides had pledged to deepen cooperation to address regional and global perils, battle terrorism.

Now they are stories going is on that Trump visit to India is just the public gathering or Crowd attendance?

As per the plans and reports…

President Trump will arrive with PM Modi at the open-press “Namaste Trump” event at the newly-built Sadar Vallabhhai Patel Stadium at Motera, said to be the world’s largest cricket stadium with an inclination of over 100,000.

“People-to-people communication has always been an important part of India-US relations and making the event a part of US President Donald Trump’s visit is a reflection of that,” BJP leader Ram Madhav had told news agency ANI on Tuesday.

“The programme is designed as a gesticulation from our side to repeat our commitment to take US-India relationship to a higher level,” he replied.

The President and the First Lady will later fly down to Agra for an evening visit to the Taj Mahal, the world-renowned marble grave where foreign dignitaries often stop for a panoramic photo.

On Tuesday aurora, President Trump and Melania Trump will engage in an open-press delightful service at the presidential palace Rashtrapati Bhavan in Delhi. They will also visit Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial Rajghat before heading to Hyderabad House in the heart of the capital for bilateral agreements and lunch. President Trump and PM Modi will later make a joint press announcement.

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